Monday, November 18, 2013

On the Road to Disney Parks!

The inaugural runDisney "On the road to Disney Parks" meet up was this weekend in Atlanta--and it was amazing!

Meet ups are usually events runDisney holds before one of their races in the parks. They are super hard to get into and I've always heard great things about them. So when I got into the one in Atlanta, I definitely did a little happy dance around the kitchen. Okay, around the whole house.

The night before the event, I was so excited I couldn't sleep. Anyone remember this commercial? Yeah, this was me.

My alarm went off bright and early Saturday morning. I would know, because I was awake, waiting for it to go off. The only time I'm ever up this early--and happy--runDisney is involved.

The event was held at Turner Field, where the Atlanta Braves currently play. I had never been there, so I was excited to check it out. Everyone was in a great mood as we checked in and got our coveted T-shirts.

We socialized for awhile before the run--it was so much fun to meet the people I'd been chatting with on social media about the event.

The runDisney event team brought out the 2014 medals for us to take a peek at--and the one I'm working for was even better in person!

Soon the day had brightened enough that we were able to start our run. I joined the Jeff Galloway group because I use his training plan. And because Jeff Galloway is awesome.

You guys, I don't know if I will ever get tired of running in Atlanta. Yes, it is unbelievably hilly--but I love the city and I really do get a thrill running here. The highlights of the two mile run, for me, were running under the Olympic rings, and then getting to run INSIDE Turner Field.


Once we got inside the field, look who was waiting for us!


After the run, we had a yummy breakfast and got the chance to listen to some great speakers.

Best quote of the event: "Don't say 'I'm a runner, but...Just say, I'm a runner.'"

New Balance was there with an exciting announcement about their 2014 runDisney shoe.


And finally, the man of the hour (and his leading lady!) came out for some photo ops.

One of the things that really made the event special was that everyone involved seemed genuinely happy to talk to the participants. They all took time to have  meaningful conversations one-on-one, even though I'm sure they heard the same questions over and over.

I was sorry to see the event end. It was amazing to have some Disney magic right here in my hometown. One of the things I love about running in general is the energy you get at a race-- different people from every background imaginable, all come together because they have something in common. It was even better to combine that feeling with the shared love of Disney.

Three months until the Princess Half Marathon. Until then--see ya real soon, runDisney!


  1. I agree - all the "celebs" were so gracious and accessible! I really enjoyed chatting with Barbara Parker! So glad I got to meet you!

    1. Everyone was so friendly! Especially all my new ATLRunsDisney pals! :)

  2. Hey there, found you on team#rundisney :) Looks Amazing! You are so cute in your pics, love it!!

  3. This is the second blog I have read about this! How fun!!