Thursday, December 12, 2013

How My Three-Year-Old Prepares for a Disney Vacation

We are days away from our holiday vacation to Disney World. I am busy doing laundry, packing, and figuring out the new fastpass program. My son, however, has his own system for preparing to go on a Disney trip.

First, he listens to the Magic Kingdom entrance music loop. He sings along when he knows the words, and when he doesn't, he pokes me and asks incessantly, "Mommy, do you know ALL the words to this one?" If I don't (does anyone REALLY know all the words to "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates Life for me?) we Google them.

Then he listens to the ride music from "Splash Mountain". Over and over and over. He is sure he will want to ride Splash Mountain on this trip, and he is tall enough. I have showed him YouTube videos of exactly what to expect, and instead of deterring him, my little thrill junkie is even more excited. Looks like Mommy might be getting wet on this trip.

He moves on to reviewing video of the opening of the Magic Kingdom, when Mickey rides the train into Main Street Station. He then facilitates a discussion with me on whether the Mayor of Main Street or the Fire Chief will be the master of ceremonies on our Magic Kingdom day (for the record, he is hoping to see the Fire Chief).

After lunch, he performs his favorite Disney songs for me, at top volume. During "It's a Small World", he marches through the house. And when he sings "Mickey Mouse Club",  he says: "A-B-C, K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!". For his grand finale, he enthusiastically waves his spy glass and foam sword while belting out, "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for meeeee!" Because we know all the words now.

He watches this gem from the 1980's: The Disneyland sing-a-long song video. I purchased this for him when he was barely a year old before our first trip to help show him that his beloved Mickey Mouse was going to be taller than Mommy when we met him. By the way, for any of you preparing for baby's first trip, this helped A LOT.

He reviews his Disney maps from previous trips, scouting out the route the train takes around the Magic Kingdom. I will spent approximately two-thirds of my vacation riding this train.

And finally, he will make sure his Mickey backpack is packed with all the trip essentials (he, unlike his mother, is capable of packing prior to the day before we walk out the door).

 This is the first year that he really understands the countdown to our time at the Happiest Place on Earth. And as all of us Disney fans know, getting there is half the fun.

What is your favorite way to prepare for a Disney trip--or other great vacation?

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