Monday, January 20, 2014

Running for Meg

Today I'm linking up with "Tuesdays on the Run" and recycling an older--but super important--post. Lets be safe out there, guys!

Meg Menzies was like a lot of us. She was active in her community. She had three children. And she was a runner.

As most of you already know, Meg Menzies was killed by a drunk driver while she was out running on Monday morning, January 13. Her family and friends launched a campaign, #Megsmiles, encouraging runners to dedicate their miles to her last Saturday. I didn't know Meg, but I ran for her this weekend.

I wasn't alone--at last check, almost 95,000 people had joined the "Miles for Meg" Facebook page and logged over 14,000 miles in memory of her. It makes me so proud to be part of such a huge community of runners--in less than a week her story was shared so many times and touched so many people. I hope that it can bring even just a little peace to those she left behind.

In the wake of such a sad event, it makes me think about my own safety while running. Some safety precautions I know I need to be better about:
  • Running with earphones: I love my music. It helps me keep pace and keep my energy up. Sometimes I need to pull out the earbuds and enjoy the sounds around me.
  • Run against traffic: One of my favorite paths weaves me all over neighborhoods and sometimes I wind up on the wrong side of the street for the direction I'm going in.
  • Carry mace: Purchasing mace is at the top of my list--I run in urban areas and public parks. I don't like to carry a lot when I run, so I've been putting in off.
  • Always let someone know where you're going: Since I don't often run the same path, I'm bad about letting my husband know exactly where my run will take me. However, we use the "Find a Friend" app, so he can track me on my long runs. A friend told me the "Road ID" app is really great too, so I'll be checking that out soon.
  • Wear reflective materials/bright colors: Oh you guys. I am the worst about this. I love black--I'm not drawn to bright colors at all, so I really have to remind myself to pick some punchy colors for running.
Of course there are some situations when you do everything right and tragedy still strikes. And in those times--like now, with Meg--all we can do is band together, keep running, and help keep each other safe.

A penny for your thoughts: Did you log any miles for Meg this weekend? What running safety rule could you be a little better about?


  1. I didn't run for her, but she was heavy in my thoughts. I think I could be better at wearing easy to see clothing.

    Can you imagine how her family is feeling, knowing all those miles run in her memory?

    1. I hope it can offer them at least a little comfort!

  2. I ran for her on Friday and had planned to run on Saturday, but I woke up with bronchitis and opted to rest instead. I could be better about the carrying mace and telling people where I am going, too. I don't want to advertise it on the internet, and most of my friends are not awake (and I'm single) when I'm out that one's hard to do.

  3. Safety is SO important. A lady in my community was hit by a truck and killed last week while walking her dog. So tragic!

  4. After a scary incident in broad daylight in a normally busy area, I now always run with mace. Luckily I've never had to use it but it provides a lot of peace of mind. Thanks for the tips and for linking up with us!