Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RunDisney is Calling All Superheroes!

RunDisney is really challenging my goal to #RunLocal this year with their announcement of an Avengers Half Marathon in Disney Land in November 2014.

It will include a 5k, kid's races, and will be eligible for the Coast to Coast Challenge. You can watch the video here.

There's been a rumor about this race for awhile, and I'm a little bummed it's going to be a California race. We are big Avengers fans in our house--we have the Legos, the action figures--Little Man even has Hulk pajamas.

Does teeny tiny Hulk squeak when he says "Hulk Smash"?
Do you ever feel like you're being watched...
...all the time?

Unfortunately, California is a long way for this Georgia girl to travel, and since runDisney events are a family affair for me, a trip across the country adds up pretty quick!

This is how we roll.
I don't know if a trip to Disney Land is in the books for me this year...but it will be fun to think about the costume options anyway!

A penny for your thoughts: Will you be registering for runDisney's newest race?


  1. Right now I don't have the budget to sign up for any race, but it does look like fun!

  2. I'm un-American and don't like super heroes....so I will not be signing up! And apparently didn't know that the rights to the Avengers belong to Disney...

    1. Lol, it's okay...I didn't know anything about them until I had a son. Now every day is a crash course in repulser beams and such. Disney purchased the rights to Marvel a few years ago, but they had to phase them out of Universal. 2013 was the first year they really started to do anything with it. Okay, probably more information than you ever wanted to know...

  3. I wrote a long post about my mixed feelings on this one. The costume opportunity seems to be the overriding motivation. I'm just not sure that's good enough. the race is right after Halloween, so I may get my costume fix in then and not feel like doing it again in November. I just don't know.