Friday, February 7, 2014

The Jeff Galloway 13.1

After I impulsively signed up for my first Princess Half Marathon, I started scouring the internet for training plans. I didn't know anything about anything--pacing, intervals, splits--and I was overwhelmed by intense training plans. I decided to go with the training plan offered on the runDisney website from a man called Jeff Galloway. Even at first glance, I knew it sounded better to me than others I had found--his "run/walk/run" method with the "magic mile" sounded doable to a beginner like myself. Fast forward a few years and I'm still using the Galloway method for all my runs, and since Jeff calls Atlanta home, I've been able to meet the man behind my favorite plan a few times.

Last night I attended a launch party at his store, Phidippides, where he made a big announcement--The Jeff Galloway 13.1!

On the calendar for December 14th, Jeff said the half marathon will include an expo, great medals, and some other fun surprises. It will benefit the Piedmont Park Conservancy and the finish line will be in Piedmont Park. I love races that include the park--it's my favorite place to run and I do a lot of my training runs there. 

Registration is now open at Hope to see you there in December!

A penny for your thoughts: is your favorite place to run ever included in a race?

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  1. That is so exciting. I too follow his method for my runs. Intervals just make sense to me and always have.