Monday, June 9, 2014

Things I've Learned (So Far) About Eating at Home

One of my goals for this month was to cut WAY back on my eating out and to make and eat more meals at home. I've been at it for a little over a week, and I've already learned a lot:

  • Making a plan is essential, but you have to be flexible. Last week, I made a menu for each day. Then on Wednesday, life happened and I didn't feel like making the dinner I'd planned. Then on Friday I came home later than intended and the home-cooked meal I'd planned for would have made our dinner time close to 9 PM. I guess I'm a little type-A about following lists, and not following my meal plan made me cranky--plus both nights I didn't make the planned dinner we ended up eating giant bowls of pasta. This week I made a list of 7 meals with no assigned days, prepped everything I could on Sunday, and halfway through each day I'm picking the meal I'm going to make depending on how our day is going. It's working out much better for us.
Breakfast for dinner is a big hit at my house!
  • I'm learning about my snack habits. For example, I like something crunchy after lunch, and I crave sweets after dinner. I plan ahead for my cravings and pre-package snacks--cut up carrots for when the need to crunch hits and little boxes of raisins and 100 calorie packs of cookies for my sweet tooth. I was surprised at how much I liked the raisins!

  • Eating at home doesn't automatically mean healthy eating. Sure, I might know exactly what ingredients are in my lasagna and I can make an entire one for less than I would spend on one portion at Olive Garden--but that doesn't make the piles of cheese I put on it any better for me. 

Making homemade pizza dough was fun!

  • I need to invest in a little cooler--one that is big enough to carry a meal for an adult or two but small enough that bringing it out and about with me isn't a Herculean effort. 
  • Every meal does not have to be a gourmet meal. When you're eating at home and  you're the only one doing the cooking, it can get pretty time consuming. I need to find some more quick, tasty recipes. 
A penny for your thoughts: what are your favorite things to make at home? Are you well known for a certain dish?


  1. I have the HARDEST time with cooking at home. I am a pasta girl. It's quick and easy and doesn't take any prep really, so I "go to" that a lot. More then I should I'm sure.

  2. I'm with you Betsy! I would eat pasta every day if I could.