Thursday, July 10, 2014

When Someone Pees in Your Cheerios

Today, I am a grouch.

I'm having a downhill day of first-world problems. I woke up groggy and late because of some cold meds. My usually wonderfully-tempered son threw the world's biggest tantrum in the middle of the peaceful botanical gardens. I dropped a six pack of yogurt on the floor, which exploded like a grenade. I'm going to be cleaning up the drips for the next three weeks. A person from my past cropped up unexpectedly--and not so welcome. And finally, as I was sitting down to write this, the Thomas the Train video my (finally calm) son was interrupted by a Trojan condom commercial. 

"Mom, what's safe sex?" 

Aaaaaaand face plant. 

It's days like this that I  have to step back, take a breath, and remind myself it's okay to have a bad day. But it's not okay to let it take over. 

It's not quite 3:00 here in my corner of the world. I still have time to turn this day around! Commencing immediately, I will:

--Snatch the iPad from my child's hands and begin researching kid-friendly tablets. 
--Put on the Magic Kingdom entrance music. Instant happy.
--Sit on my giant workout ball and breathe. Breathe, breathe breathe. I always find focus on my balance ball--mainly because my kid thinks it's hilarious to try and knock me over, so all other thoughts melt away as I put all my energy into staying upright. 
--Go for a walk and soak up some sunshine. 
--Make a happy list of all things I have going for me at the moment. Nothing gives you a little perspective like remembering why you're thankful. 

A penny for your thoughts: what do you do when you're day is not going according to plan?


  1. Ugh. Safe sex and four hour erections. That's what we get from commercials.
    I hope things get a little easier! That irritating stuff can sometimes all hit you at once.

  2. I hope that your day turned around!!

  3. Man, I have had those days. Sometimes a good cry helps. =/

  4. Oh man. That's a doozy of a day!!
    I had a sighting of a person from my past on Tuesday. I almost peed my pants.
    But at least I wasn't peeing in your cheerios!
    <3 you!

  5. Oh I think I need a balance ball for work! And splattered yogurt is a long term cleanup problem, yuck! My happy thoughts involve driving under that happy "Welcome" sign to WDW! And checking into a Disney Resort. Any Disney resort! Hope your day turned around.