Friday, November 29, 2013

Having a Healthy Holiday Season

Today, I am having a Thanksgiving-induced hangover. A 10k (I ran a PR!), lots of driving, and yummy but bad for me food has left me feeling sluggish and sedentary. I don't want to spend my whole holiday season feeling like this--and I know there's more delectable goodies to come--so here are the three things I'm doing to stay healthy this season.

I'm going on a running streak: I'm going on a running streak from Thanksgiving to New Years Day--running every day, even if it's just a mile or so. The point is to keep active, not necessarily to rack up miles. Running not your thing? Commit to do yoga, stretch, or dance every day. Whatever gets you up and moving!

Everything in moderation: I know there are going to be times this season when I want a treat. So instead of beating myself up for having a cupcake, my rule is going to be everything in moderation. Mini apple pie, anyone?

I'm going on a scavenger hunt: I found this fun group called #runchat on twitter that is hosting a running scavenger hunt between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you spot something on their list while you're out on a run, you take a picture and post it to twitter. Fun, right?

What are you doing to keep healthy this holiday?


  1. I have no idea what is keeping me going. Got to figure it out soon!!

  2. Oh - I need to do that scavenger hunt! Thanks for posting!