Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Wrap Up and December Goals

Happy holidays, you guys! Can you believe the end of the year is upon us? November flew by in a blur of maintenance runs, holiday preparations and family time (all in all, not a bad way to spend a month)!

A look back at how I did on my November goals:

National Novel Writing Month: Well, we all know how this turned out. I didn't "win", but I learned a lot.
Follow my "Glass Slipper Challenge Goal Book":  I am so proud to say I did every one of my training plan runs plus some! Apparently having a cute little notebook was what I needed--I like to write things down, what can I say?
Celebrate Thankfulness: This goal happened in an unexpected way. Over Veterans Day, Little Man and I made cards for the Vets in our life, and then when we picked my husband up at the airport a few weeks later, we stopped soldiers and gave them high-fives and told them thank you. My son really enjoyed that, and the soldiers were awesome. We had some great moments, and while I was a little hazy on the details with the boy (who wants to explain unrest in the Middle East to a 3-year-old?) it really seemed to drive the point home to talk to all the "brave people who protect our homes".

Fall Cleaning: This is a work in progress--but I did get some "cleaning out" accomplished. I tackled the junk drawer, the cupboards, and under the sink.
Now, to keep it this way...

And now on to December:

Stay on track with my running: I have lots of travel and other holiday merriment coming up (Disney in 10 days!!!) but it is really important I stick to my Glass Slipper Challenge training plan.
Mommy's inspiration

Cross Train: A girl needs more than cardio, right? I have an amazing personal trainer that I'm going to be meeting up with soon to show me some exercises I can do at home on days I don't run. And there's a Pure Barre studio opening up right down the road in just a few days, and I plan on taking full advantage of that.
Short Story Contest: Since I've been enjoying writing shorter pieces so much, I'm going to find a couple of contests and enter some of my "Writing Boot Camps". Anyone have a favorite one they think I should enter?
Stay in my happy place: Frankly, the holidays can be a little stressful. I have one of those personalities that makes me want to please everyone all the time--and we all know that is impossible to do. It is something I struggle with all year long, but even more so at the holidays.  So this month my  mantra is "I will be peaceful". I'm going to do my best not to let negative people and situations influence my happiness, or the happiness of my immediate family--and I will not be motivated by guilt into doing things out of obligation if it stresses me out.

There's my month! What does yours look like? How will you stay on track with exercise? Do you have a method for staying happy during the holidays?

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  1. Mine is busy just getting through the holidays. Guess that's what happens when you have three kids!