Monday, December 30, 2013

Lets Start at the Very Beginning...

Ah, it's that time of year. The time to make resolutions--decisions to get better, thinner, faster....

...I hate making resolutions.

Why? I'm far too type-A for this. I feel like I need to have super-detailed, complicated resolutions. Every year I make a list. And every year, I fail and get frustrated. So this year, I'm trying something new.

Instead of giving myself resolutions, I'm going to challenge myself with these three questions, and each month try and discover new ways to answer them:

1. How many good memories can I make this year? Every year I get a little depressed when I pack away the Christmas decorations. It is a bittersweet process as I remember the special things we did this year and the things my son enjoyed--and how next year he'll be older, and different. I won't ever get 3.5 again. In fact, I'm not sure how I even ended up with a kid this big, because I'm pretty sure he was born yesterday. It's all going by so fast, so this year I really want to focus on those good childhood memories.

2. How can I stay focused? I am learning that I am a terrible multitasker. This year I would like to work on being in the moment, completing my tasks before I finish another one...and not being glued to my iPhone all.the.time.

3. How can I do good? How can I be a better friend? Help my community? Help the world? I've struggled with this question for a long time, so my goal this year is to tackle it in nice little month-sized chunks.

So lets start at the very beginning...January.

I'm going to make good memories by...finding a pattern again. The hectic pace of the holidays left my family wiped out, meaning we missed bedtime rituals, morning family time, and weekend play. Time to find our schedule.

I'm going to focus on...starting fresh. My fitness plan has gone out the window, my living room looks like a toy store exploded, and if I wait until spring to do a clean out, I'm not going to be able to find my kitchen. Time to freshen up everything.

I'm going to do good giving back to those that might not hear "thank you" a lot. Our local firefighters, the ladies that clean our apartment building--they're going to be hearing from me this month.

Talk to you next year! ;)

A penny for your thoughts: what do you hope to accomplish this year? What is your biggest goal?


  1. That is a great idea! I make myself goals for the new year. My biggest one is to complete 14 races in 2014. The rest will be on my blog on Monday.

  2. I can't wait to read them! I'm doing the 14 in 2014 as well. Going to be a big year!

  3. Great "challenges"! All mine center on making my home a calmer place and a happier place! I figure that if I start there, it will hopefully radiate to the world outside!

  4. I like this. My biggest goal this year is a new job, but that's not entirely up to me. School districts have to have money to hire, HR and principals have to make decisions from who knows how many applicants. Deciding that is a New Year's resolution would be foolish, because there' a limit to my personal power. On the other hand, challenging yourself the way you have here puts the control entirely into your hands. It's a good idea.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I hope all the job stars line up for you--I know it has been really hard for those with jobs in education recently.