Thursday, December 26, 2013

Overdo it Yesterday? Ways to Feel Better Today.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! We got to spend our whole day with family, and our living room looks like a train store exploded--as you can imagine, Little Man is in heaven.

I, however, woke up a bit on the sluggish side today. On Christmas Eve and Christmas, I indulged a bit more than I am used to.

Christmas Eve hot chocolate with a lovely friend who I hadn't seen in months.

She's new to the running scene and I'll be sharing her very first race recap soon!

Lunch with my family at one of my favorite Atlanta places, Hard Rock Café, where I had my once-a-year mudslide. Those things are HUGE.

Christmas morning breakfast with family, where I ate my own weight in bacon and more cinnamon rolls than I'd care to admit.

And the cookies we nibbled on all day. You'll notice my son was particularly enthusiastic with the Pooh Bear sprinkles.

As you can imagine, today I woke up feeling...blech. And so today I'm attempting to undo some of the damage I caused by the unmentionable number of cinnamon buns.

First, I'm chugging the water. I always struggle with drinking enough water, but I've been filling up my new Mickey mug I found at Hollywood Studios.

I'm only eating food today that, you know, occurs in nature.

I took myself to the gym to spend some quality time on the elliptical. I'm a little off on my Glass Slipper Challenge training, and I want to jump back into it this weekend. Only two more months until the big race!

I dragged Little Man away from his new Lionel train to play outside--nothing like romping around outside in the cold to perk you up.

When the 3:00 sluggishness reared its ugly head, instead of reaching for caffeine I pulled out my yoga mat and stretched. Not quite the same effect, but I'll thank myself for it when I try to get to sleep tonight.

And finally, I painted my nails with this glittery red nail polish. Just for kicks.

Tomorrow will find me hitting the pavement, and I know my body will be happy to have had a day off from holiday havoc.

Talk to me: What are the little things you do to make yourself feel better when you've over indulged?


  1. I've over indulged for about six weeks now! So, today was day one of eating well. Foods with only one ingredient. And LOTS of water. I got a 3 mile run in but it was not fun, that's the price I have to pay for getting off track in the eating. Still, the holidays were fun and I already am starting to feel more in control, just 12 hours in. Our Christmas cookies looked just like yours thanks to our 3 year old decorator!

    1. It's so much fun to just let them go crazy with the sprinkles, isn't it?

  2. I am like April. Been naughty for far too long. I am working on improving step by step, but just making sure to increase the water intake as well as the fresh fruits and veggies

    1. I'm so bad about fresh fruits and veggies this time of year! It seems easier during the summer.