Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Around this time every year, my husband and I have the moving discussion.

"You know I could work from home," he says. "We don't have to stay here. We could live anywhere."

"I like it here," I always say. And he sighs.

My husband has wanderlust. He loves to move, he loves the change of scenery and would love to try out some other parts of the country. He's lived all over and moved more times than I can count. Me? I've been in Georgia since I was 7. And I'm content here.

I'm pretty sure it drives him crazy.

For this move coming up in July, we're staying in Atlanta, but I promised him I'd give some thought to where else I might want to live.

My first thought? The beach. I love the coast--the little towns and restaurants and the big, airy, open spaces. There's more room to think at the beach, am I right? I've always had this lofty image of myself with a beautiful office overlooking the water, where I wrote what would surely be a best selling novel.

Would life at the beach be as fun if it were "real life" and not vacation?

I've also been daydreaming about London. I know it's crazy--I've never been out of the country. But I've been inspired by a friend from high school who packed up her baby boy and moved with her husband to Europe for a few months. She's eating and cooking her way through France, and I'm completely jealous. She's so brave!

(Plus, if we move to London, I just know Kate Middleton would want to be my BFF.)

Girl crush.
Of course I always think about moving to Florida, based entirely on the fact that I'd love to live near Disney. The idea of an annual membership and getting to go whenever I want gives me heart palpitations. Plus, as my husband pointed out, the amount of money we'd save on travel would be pretty significant. What I'm not crazy about? Hot weather and hurricanes.

Or maybe Boston, which is my favorite city outside of Atlanta. Just thinking of the bagels makes my mouth water. But I'm southern through and through, and the thought of northern winters terrify me a little bit. I mean, a couple of days of snow was fun this winter. But months of that? I'm afraid I'd lose my mind.

Or perhaps I just need to try somewhere totally off my radar--somewhere I've never been. Like Seattle. Or Arizona. Or Pittsburgh. Maybe I should just close my eyes and point to a map.

I guess it boils down to this: I'm scared to leave where I've always lived. My family is here, along with my memories. I know my way around. I know how things work. And I genuinely love Atlanta. I love the quirky little neighborhoods, all the things to do, and the fact that I can get to the mountains or the beach within a few hours. The city is just my happy place.

A penny for your thoughts: where is your dream home? If you had the chance, would you move there?


  1. I always say I can only live where palm trees live...California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida....Hawaii would be good! At this point, I need a state that's hiring teachers. California is pretty grim these days Even when you get hired, you're at the bottom of the totem pole and the first one axed when cuts come.

    1. It's so awful that so many people are struggling in the teaching profession! I have a good teacher friend who had to move out of state last year to find work.

  2. Life at the beach is just as fun as vacation... you can go to the beach whenever you want and it's a constant reminder of how beautiful the world is :) And Florida takes a certain type of person to live here. The heat and humidity is what gets a lot of people... I love living in FL, though, and I can't imagine living anywhere else now. If I don't have to leave, I won't!!

    1. Right? I was actually born in FL and lived there before coming up to Georgia, so my earliest memories of that humidity. The beach really does call to me! There's just something magic about it.

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    1. I think my husband likes the way you think :)