Friday, May 2, 2014

May Daze

Here we are in May. I'm two weeks into my mono recovery, which means I can start doing some low impact exercise next week. Hooray! I'm starting to feel like a person again, and I'm ready to get out of the house.

April was a bit of a wash for me. I didn't feel great the first half of the month, and then I was totally out of the game the second half. I did get some running in, but all my planned races were at the end of the month so I had to skip them. I did get a chance to do some fun, spring-y things--dying Easter eggs was a HUGE hit with Little Man this year (we're still eating brightly colored hard boiled eggs), and we put together an Easter Basket to pass on to a little one who needed it.  I was inspired by my trips to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, so I repotted and freshened up a lot of my indoor plants along with planting some herbs and marigolds.

Lovely blooms this year!

I still have to take it easy during May--the earliest the doctor said I could get back to my regularly scheduled life was the first week of June. It's challenging, though, because there's a lot going on this month. I had one race planned this month--a superhero themed walk/run I'd planned to do with my husband and kid. It seems really walker friendly, so I'm still thinking about doing it. I have tickets to go see Cher with my mom (this will be our 5th Cher concert! She's obsessed, I'm supportive). And the most exciting thing-- we have a Disney World trip planned towards the end of the month (Happy Birthday to me!) and I want to be able to enjoy it!  I think the toughest part of this month is going to be not overdoing it.

My monthly goals:
I'm going to make good memories by...Putting away my camera when we go to Disney World. We're going to take advantage of Memory Maker, so I know we'll get some good family shots. This trip, I'm going to try and be a little less obsessed with taking photos of every moment, and actually be involved in those moments.
I'm going to focus on...Getting healthy. My diet and my workout plan need an overhaul, and I'm taking this month to figure it out.
I'm going to do good by...Going through my closets and donating to women's shelters. I am so lucky that as a mom I'm able to provide for my kid, and I would like to help other moms.

A penny for your thoughts: What does May look like for you? What fitness goals are you trying to reach?


  1. I love the memories one! Sometimes you just have to remove the distraction of trying to capture all the memories and just use the memories in your heart instead.
    May is my birthday month. Planning a visit from a special friend and then we are heading over to see grandma and my mom for a short day trip. Not sure what else is planned for the rest of the month. :P

    1. I hope your birthday month is starting out great!

  2. I really need to cut out sugar and slim down. My clothes are getting tight and I'm not liking it! The challenging part will be dealing with work. If May is as exhausting as April was, it's going to be hard to get the motivation to do anything other than crash on the couch when I get home.

    1. Right? It's so hard to eat healthy and quickly at the same time. I hope May isn't too rough on you!