Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Slow Down!" And Other Things I am Not Going to Say on my Disney Vacation

It's almost time for my birthday trip to Disney World! I think I might be looking forward to this trip more than I have looked forward to others, and this is why:

1. When I get back to my room from a full day of fun, it will be clean. Someone else will have made the bed, given me clean towels and left me cute little bottles of shampoo. This will be especially great because, sick or not, I still have to clean up at home.

2. Disney World is made for an almost four-year-old boy. There are places to run, he can exclaim loudly in a restaurant, and spinning in circles singing "Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirates life for me!" will be applauded. Every other phrase out of my mouth will not be "slow down!" or "be careful!"

3. I get to watch TV. In bed. We don't have a TV in our bedroom at home, and frankly, I don't have time to watch it anyway. I'm really looking forward to watching from the comfort of a cozy bed.

4. If Little Man passes out at 4 PM, I won't have to panic because he'll be up all night. When a late nap happens at Disney World, it means we get to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the dark. Win.

5. I don't have to think about meal planning. All I have to do is look at a menu and pick. I don't have to feel bad about eating out every day.

6. Mickey Waffles. Enough said.

7. If I want a quiet moment to read my book, I don't have to feel guilty about handing over the iPad to Little Man. After all, it's a vacation for him, too.
8. Florida humidity and heat gives me an excuse to put my hair in a pony tail every day. Wash and go!

9. I'll be in the Magic Kingdom on the anniversary of my Dad's passing, where I will be comforted by my memories of him there, as well as the memories I'm making with my family.

10. This trip is not jam packed. With only one day in the parks scheduled, we'll have time to explore Saratoga Springs, play in the pool, and relax.

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A penny for your thoughts: what is your favorite part of vacation?

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  1. I am beyond jealous! Have fun and take some pictures at least!

  2. Sounds like fun! My favorite part of vacation is how nice everyone in the hospitality industry is! Co-workers are never so pleasant!

  3. Jealous!! I love love LOVE our Disney trips. You are going to have a blast!